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1 - Wardrobes Overview

Within your home, the focal point of your secluded and solitary space is probably going to be the bedroom area.

A private retreat away from the world and indeed the rest of your home. In terms of design and layout, compelling

and dramatic ideas can be brought to the fore and made a reality. This is what the accomplished craftsmen working at

B.G. CARPENTRY SERVICES have been specialising in for more than twenty years. We are experts in the manufacture

of custom-made furniture for your home that simultaneously maximises your living and storage space while increasing

the quality of your home and lifestyle. With bedrooms in particular, we realise that tastes differ so every enquiry

receives personal attention.


B.G. CARPENTRY SERVICES can give you a personalised bedroom interior to meet your requirements for storage, comfort

and style. A design that allows you to maintain enough space to circulate around the room and the furniture within it.

Interiors that conjures up the appropriate mood and atmosphere for either a traditional or contemporary approach.