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2 - Kitchen Storage

As previously mentioned above in our Kitchens Overview, the focal point and heart of a home is indeed the kitchen but it can be,

at times, quite difficult to navigate around. Trying to find the correct cooking utensil or kitchen gadget can require a lot of

digging around and when under pressure cooking, this task can become a hundred times more difficult, time consuming

and stressful. B.G. CARPENTRY can reduce this chore utilising all kitchen storage space to it's maximum where everything

is in it's place and can be found with ease. One less thing to worry about!

Possible kitchen storage space.


Kitchen necessities

The key decision when designing your kitchen.

Storage you require every day needs to be accessible.


Storage of dried foods, fresh fruit and vegetables and various types of packages.


Cooker, hob, sink / drainer, fridge, freezer, washing machines etc.

Utility Items

Rubbish bins, cleaning products, bin bags, kitchen rolls / food wraps / foil etc.

Utensils / Crockery

Everyday crockery / cutlery, glassware, pots and pan etc.

Electrical Equipment

Kettles, toasters, blenders, food processors etc.

Concealed Shelving

Open/close shelving are efficient storage options.

Design strategies like these examples can help amplify the sense of space.