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Timber and composite decking

So for many people, having a beautiful looking garden is just as satisfying as having a beautiful looking house interior. In many cases a garden deck fulfills the requirements of a garden centrepiece. Because they can be functional, practical and aesthetically pleasing to view with no real limits on their shape and form. So traditional timbers were for a long time the only materials for such garden centrepieces and in many cases still are. But a drawback that is sometimes mentioned is the amount of maintenance that is required to maintain their beautiful and natural appearance.

So now there is an alternative that requires little or no upkeep. Composite decking needs no painting, stripping or varnishing and comes with quality warranties. This new decking material is also water resistant combining the use of plastics which are one third recycled and are kinder to the environment as a result. A bonding material is also incorporated to help with strength and stability. So the remaining compound is made from industrial wood fibe which mimics the look and feel of real wood materials without the maintenance. Timber and composite decking and excellent choices which you will enjoy!

BG Carpentry Services decking

Product Points

When it comes specialists in all aspects of composite decking we and are happy to run through all the various quality materials and how to maximize the space that is available to you in creating your new composite decking including the following:

Colours will remain stronger for longer.

Storms or harsh weather will not cause the deck to degrade or fall apart.

No dangerous or harmful chemicals or preservatives are used.

Durable and hard wearing materials.

Resistant to stains.

Non-slip materials.

Perfect finishes that resemble the look of real timbers.

BG Carpentry Services decking

Key Products

Some of the key product line with composite decking are included below.

Grey Composite Deck board (L)2.4m (W)135mm (T)22mm

Madeira Green Spruce Deck board (L)2.4m (W)120mm (T)24mm

Don Natural Pine Deck board (L)2.4m (W)95mm (T)20mm

Klikstrom Lemhi Natural Pine Deck board (L)4.8m (W)144mm (T)27mm

Blooma Aldan Pine Deck joist (L)2.4m (W)38mm (T)62mm

GoodHome Lemhi Green Pine Deck board (L)3.6m (W)144mm (T)27mm

Klikstrom Lemhi Brown Pine Deck board (L)3.6m (W)144mm (T)27mm

Klikstrom Madeira Brown Spruce Deck board (L)2.4m (W)120mm (T)24mm

Blooma Brantas Brown Pine Deck tile (L)0.5m (W)500mm (T)40mm

Klikstrom Lemhi Green Pine Deck board (L)2.4m (W)144mm (T)27mm

Durance Green Softwood Deck tile (L)1m (W)1000mm (T)28mm

Don Green Pine Deck board (L)1.8m (W)95mm (T)20mm

Klikstrom Lemhi Brown Pine Deck board (L)2.4m (W)144mm (T)27mm

Value Green Spruce Deck board (L)1.8m (W)120mm (T)24mm

Metsä Wood Elbi Pine Deck joist (L)2.4m (W)144mm (T)44mm