BG Carpentry Services fitted doors and floors

Doors & Floors

BG Carpentry have always felt strongly about the high quality and craftsmanship of our interior wooden doors and floors. As well as the design and aesthetic look of them also. Great quality and value for money of our doors and floors have always been part of the service. There can be so many design styles and types of wood to choose from. Tradition designs through to the contemporary.

Individual tastes differ with doors and floors and so we try to accommodate all our clients. High quality carpentry are associated with our interior doors. Because they include precision details with every aspect contained in the finished piece. So a simple door can often become the centrepiece of a room. Fitting perfectly with a feel of quality is very important as it shows to our clients that they can put their trust and confidence in our carpentry.

Finishing touches

The right finishing touches can also be of great benefit to accompany the finished interior door. So we have a wide selection of accessories to choose from. Laminate wood flooring has become a very popular choice for both domestic and commercial purposes. Durable, hard wearing, solid under foot and beautiful to look at. Much like our high quality interior doors, BG Carpentry produces the same professional standards with our flooring. So they come in a wide variety of finishes, wood styles and designs to suit just about all tastes.

And like our interior doors, our wood flooring is well priced and suitable for all budgets. We also cater for clients who opt for an engineered wood. So in a selection of patterns whether it’s traditional plank, stylish Herringbone or coll Cherron.

BG Carpentry Services fitted doors and floors


Much like our bespoke wood flooring, interior doors come with the same amount of material and colour diversity. Both together can compliment each other nicely and add to the overall design and personality of a room or hallway. BG CARPENTRY are experts in sourcing interior doors as well as fitting and installing them to suit every client’s needs. Solid core and hollow core doors are the main two types. They differ from each other in several ways but both types have a beautiful finish, work perfectly and when fitted professionally by BG CARPENTRY you will be able to see an immediate transformation in the character of the room or hallway.

BG Carpentry Services fitted doors and floors


Wood flooring of varying descriptions has always been a widely used choice for residential homeowners as it has many benefits and strong points associated with it such as it’s aesthetic appeal and visual look, Strength and durability, low maintenance and competitive pricing. A wide diverse selection of wood colours, grains and textures and all available to suit every client’s taste and requirement.

BG CARPENTRY not only have an excellent range of flooring and flooring options to choose from. We also fit and install the flooring product to expert standards in not only residential houses, but also in apartments and commercial buildings. BG CARPENTRY work with all of our clients closely to ensure that we give them exactly what they’re looking for. Their choice of flooring solutions differs as no two homes or places of business are the same. What may work in one location may not work as well in another so understanding the best options are very important for our clients.